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Chaparral 2X Vision Grand Turismo

In November 2014, General Motors and Chevrolet unveiled a concept car that was designed for the PlayStation Grand Turismo video game.  The design was pure fantasy – no specific rules to comply with and intended to work in the virtual world of the video game.  The concept envisions a laster-pulse propulsion system with the driver playing an integral part of the aerodynamics.  In fact, the driver lays on their stomach looking forward which certainly challenges conventional ergonomics.

Once designed in virtual reality, General Motors also created a physical concept car.  As a nod to the technology employed by Jim Hall and Chaparral Racing with Chevrolet power, the Grand Turismo concept was named Chaparral.

A design exercise for the General Motors studio was a rare chance to design a concept race car with very few constraints.  Even more rare, the physical concept car was brought by General Motors to the Art Center Car Classic.  The car doesn’t get shown publicly often, so it was a treat to see in person.  Thanks to GM for their support of the event and for bringing the car (and a few other goodies) to the event.


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