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Best of Art Center Classic 2015

The Art Center Car Classic 2015 took place on October 25, 2015 in the hills above the Rose Bowl.  Chassis001 previously featured a race car – the Nissan R390.  Featured below is a round up of the best of stories and photo galleries from the event scoured from around the internet.  Photos don’t do the event justice, so start making your plans to attend in 2016.

Southwest Star (Mercedes club magazine) – starting on page 14 – Pasadena Art Center Car Classic – Time Travel Made Easy


FormTrends story and photos – Art Center Car Classic Provides Inspiration

68 photos in a gallery from Kermaco photography blog.

Special Car Channel Youtube interview with Art Center Almni Henrik Fisker and the Ford Mustang Galpin Rocket.


Sponsor Petrolicious posted this amazing photo gallery –Dawn Patrol at the Art Center Car Classic.

Fireball Tim Roberts Malibu Video Blog on Youtube.


Central Coast British Car Club – photo gallery.

The Daily Driver Project – story and photo gallery – The past brings about visions of the future.  Page 2 photo gallery.



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