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Vintech P550 Tribute at Art Center Car Classic

It takes something special to attract a crowd on a field littered with vintage hot rods, the Ferrari LaFerrai supercar, the original first production run Lamborghini Countach, custom coachwork Hispano Suiza, Mercedes 300SL examples, a 3D printed supercar, concept cars brought from the General Motors design warehouse, one of only 25 Mercedes CLK-GTR road car examples, and on and on and on…

The Vintech P550 Tribute car had a steady crowd of very interested visitors during the Car Classic at Art Center College of Design on October 25.   The car is a concept car built by a French company that specializes in making concept cars.  Think of it as a business card for their business.  They have no plans to produce the car or make it available for sale.

It first was unveiled to the public in Monterey in August 2012 at The Quail during the Pebble Beach/Monterey Historics weekend.  It is a beautiful, well designed and well crafted car with inspiration from the Porsche 550.  It is not intended to be a replica and has many unique or modern features as compared to the original 550, but the inspiration is clear.

Perhaps the greatest compliment I heard was when a visitor asked one of the gentlemen looking after the car where in Germany their shop was located.  With a humble grin, the Vintech staffer explained that they were located near Versailles in France.

What a beautiful car.  Thanks much to the Vintech team for bringing it, showing it to the Art Center crowd, and patiently answering any questions.  Vintech is a design firm that operates as part of the D3 Group.


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