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Carbon Fiber Classic

The Porsche 935/19 was not designed for professional competition. It is not a stripped down uncompromising race car built to battle the stopwatch. The track day special is not legal to drive on public roads. Its price tag, limited production, and tailored carbon fiber bodywork means that many owners will be reluctant to risk an encounter with another car or a trackside barrier.

Despite those limitations, the 935/19 may become another in the long line of Porsche special projects that withstands the test of time. "Project Flatnose" was designed by a team led by Grant Larson under extreme secrecy. It came from the motorsports workshops rather than the road car assembly line. It was built as a demonstration of what was possible. Porsche is also runs a savvy business, so the project likely helped buttress the bottom line of the motorsports operation.

The 935/19 becomes more compelling with more time spent looking at the details. Nothing on the car is accidental. The 935 silhouette is the most obvious historical homage, but not the only one. The use of three different weaves of carbon fiber serves both form and function.

A highlights of 2021 was the privilege to spend time with the 935/19 and tell the story in words and photos for Porsche Road and Race. See the result of that project here.


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