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Porsche 911 GTLM Repairs

Unfortunate contact between Johnny Mowlem in the #20 BAR1 Prototype Challenge car and Nick Tandy in the 911 GTLM car in Turn 3 resulted in both cars spinning, but the Porsche suffered the worst of the damage.  The car backed into the barrier to driver’s left doing major damage.  At the time of the contact, the Porsche was running third in class with four hours to go.

Tandy drove the very damaged car back to the paddock and the crew descended on it.  While clearly out of contention, the crew methodically rebuilt and repaired the car to ensure it could re-emerge before the end of the race and take the checkered flag.  As might be expected of top-line professionals, the work was urgent but not hurried.  Few words were exchanged as the team worked closely together.  A group of spectators gathered around the Porsche tent to watch.

Yes, the repaired 911 returned to the track – at 9:02pm.  Enough time to see the white flag and then take the checkered flag at 9:10pm.

Camera Settings – 1/125 shutter speed, f/3.5, ISO 100, 88mm.


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