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Park Place Porsche at Speed

Nothing magic about this shot, but photographer’s prerogative to include.  The nose of the Porsche is in focus while the blur towards the rear of the car and in the foreground and background gives the sensation of speed.  The shot was taken between Turn 2 and 3 at Road Atlanta.

The finish was not as pretty.  The Park Place Porsche ran afoul of the rule for driver times and was demoted from its second place GTD finish to the back of the GTD field.  The team had Balance of Performance objections and made very clear it wouldn’t have elected to run in the race but for prior sponsor and business obligations.   Note the Justice Brothers sticker in front of the left wheel.  The Justice Brothers have been in motorsport for years and have been a very active supporter of all forms of motorsport through their sponsorships of both teams and drivers.

Camera Settings – 1/200 shutter speed, f/5.6, ISO 100, 200mm.

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