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#7 Rebel Rock Porsche into the 10a Gravel Trap


Turn 10 is ripe for action and a great place to watch at Road Atlanta.  The hard left turn is situated at the end of a long downhill straight.  Cars carry significant speed at the end of a long downhill straight before encountering a hard left and right turn sequence.  The left hander is known as 10a and the right hander is known as 10b.  It is one of the best opportunities to pass on the entire track.

Practice is the best time to watch drivers test their braking marks into Turn 10.  In Thursday practice for the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge, the #7 Rebel Rock Racing Porsche Cayman spun on its own and into gravel trap – throwing up a spray of gravel before coming to a stop.

Drivers for the Street Tuner class car were shown as Lee Carpentier and Kieron O’Rouke.

The car was towed out and the driver continued on his way, likely with tires in much more poor condition and gravel tucked away in deep corners of the car for the crew to find.

Camera settings – 1/250 shutter speed, f/10, ISO 100, 420mm.


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