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Velocity Invitational is Back

In May 2019, a new vintage racing event took over Sonoma Raceway. Titled the "Sonoma Speed Festival," the founders sought to create a new twist on a historic racing event. The entry list was phenomenal, the paddock encouraged camaraderie by putting cars from the same groups together instead of having entrants retreat to their own trailers, and the Mercedes Formula One team ran demonstration laps at full tilt.

While much of the hardware on-site would headline any auction, the focus was not on price tags and ropes to keep people away. A knowledgeable spectator base enjoyed the ability to see cars in detail and talk to the owners and then see the same cars at speed on the track.

Organizers wanted to repeat the magic, but needed to wait for public health limitations to recede. The event is re-emerging in November 2021 as the Velocity Invitational at a new home in Monterey, California. Laguna Seca will host a marvelous entry list of vintage racing. In addition, the McLaren Formula One team will be on site in force, there will be a reunion of Ford GT-LM race cars, a gathering of Porsche 917 racers, and a feature Mini/Mustang race in the dark.

Looking forward to the 2021 event. Check the event website here:


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