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Turner BMW Climbs to Turn 11

IMSA Petit Le Mans Retrospective – 2 of 40

The uphill climb to Turn 11 under the bridge puts a premium on corner exit to set up the downhill run through Turn 12, across start/finish and to another passing opportunity into Turn 1.  The exit from Turn 10 (called 10b) is also relatively slower than many other corners on the track, giving spectators a good look.

The (relatively) slower speed, also creates a good opportunity for a panning shot.  If the photographer can move the camera and match the movement of the car, the car will be in focus while the background and foreground will be blurred.  This effect creates the sensation of the car’s movement.

Along with a steady hand, the key is shutter speed and choice of background.  Too fast, and the car is frozen on the track and looking like it was placed there as a static display and showing no signs of speed.  Too slow, and the odds of getting the shot diminish considerable.   In addition, a background with variation makes the most of the blurring effect.

The #97 Turner Motorsports BMW was driven by Markus Palttala and Michael Marsal with Cameron Lawrence joining for the endurance event (Lawrence’s name was added on roof near the windshield at some point before the race).  Unfortunately, contact with the #96 team car likely resulted in a difficult post-race debrief session for all involved.

Camera Settings – 1/200 shutter speed, f/10, ISO 100, 420mm.


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