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Pit Stop at Twilight

As the sun sets lower in the sky, headlights and pit lane lighting become more pronounced.  The cars also are showing scars and wear from the laps run so far.  The white and yellow nose of the #5 Action Express Corvette shows the marks of tire debris as the crew swaps out old rubber for new and refuels the Daytona Prototype.  The entry would finish 5th overall, two laps off the lead in the hands of Barbosa, Fittipaldi and Albequerque.

As the 2016 Petit LeMans was the last race for the Daytona Prototype formula, one might be tempted to draw an analogy to the sun setting on the Daytona Prototype era.

Camera Settings – 1/200 shutter speed, f/4.5, ISO 100, 95mm.

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