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Mazda Welcome Race Fans

While a sportscar paddock in the United States is generally far friendlier and more accessible than almost any other form of top-tier motorsport, there are some teams and drivers that do more.  Mazda not only supports racing through many forms of sportscar, open wheel and prototype racing, it also affirmatively takes measures to bring fans close to the action.  Mazda and all of its drivers are active and transparent on social media and in press releases.  Its staff is easy to find and always happy to talk.

A very tangible example is this simple sign perched at the edge of the Mazda paddock area.  Mazda is the only team anywhere in the paddock that forms a walkway into the garage between the cars.  Yes, there are belt barriers to give the crew space to do their work, but you can get very close without being a VIP or getting a special invite.

It is a small, but very tangible effort that further increases the engagement between the fans and the sport – and certainly must leave a favorable fan impression of Mazda in the process.  Well done.

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