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Mazda Takes the Green Flag

Petit Le Mans Retrospective: 1 of 40

The first practice session is always a little bit like the first day of school.  So much effort happens before any action.  It takes a huge effort just to get to the track from the teams, drivers, spectators, officials, track staff, suppliers and other vendors.  There is work to prepare the cars from the last race and adjust for the upcoming race.  There are checklists, protocols, and procedures.   Getting a clean start to the race event in the first practice can easily set the tone.   Get a good start on the checklist and the team feels like is can methodically work towards the green flag.  Encounter a problem – regardless of fault or cause – and the damage is two-fold.  Not only does the issue need to be repaired and addressed (if possible), but the time spent is lost and is often measured in money, spares, lost track time, and late crew evenings.

The corner worker in the flagstand at Turn 10a waves the green to welcome the first practice lap of the event for the #55 Mazda Prototype driven by Jonathan Bomarito, Tristan Nunez and Spencer Pigot.  Sadly, the #55 didn’t finish the race due to an engine misfire.

Camera settings – 1/250 shutter speed, f/10, ISO 100, 420mm.

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