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Mazda Pit Stop

During an endurance race, teams make multiple pit stops.  At this point, the #70 was the only remaining Mazda prototype in the field, so the team’s entire focus shifted to the #70.

The completion of this pit stop looks ordinary.  A close look at the removed tires, however, shows a fair amount of grass that has stuck to the hot rubber.  Don’t know whether the pit stop was a result of an off-course excursion of whether the rubber had just given up at the end of a regular length stint, but either way, the photo tells the story of a car that had gone off track just before the call to the pits.

The #70 Mazda prototype would soldier on and encounter a fuel injector issue that would ultimately end its day just short of the checkered flag.

Camera Settings – 1/1250 shutter speed, f/3.5, ISO 100, 165mm.


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