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Joey Hand in the Ford GT


This photo is interesting for what is not happening rather than what is happening.  It was taken at the end of Saturday morning practice before the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta when the teams have run their laps and are doing pit stop practice.  The #66 Ford GTLM team has run their laps, but has not yet begun their pit stop practice.  The crew looks relaxed, chatting at the rear of the car.  There is no swarm of tire changers or pit equipment surrounding the car.  The driver – Joey Hand in this case – usually the focus of all attention – is all by himself and seems to be completely forgotten.  Once the checkered flag flew on the session, the scene undoubtedly changed but it is another example of a few moments of relative calm amid the racing storm.

Camera Settings – 1/1000 shutter speed, f/4, ISO 100, 420mm.


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