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Jaguar C-X75 test drive in the rain

If you pay attention to Jalopnik, you may have seen this story on the Jaguar C-X75.  If you’ve read the story and watched the video (or followed the story elsewhere), you know the car is one of 5 built for the James Bond Movie “Spectre” (it is #2).  You also know it was built by Williams – yes, the same Williams as the Williams F1 team.  You have seen history starting with a concept shown in 2010 at Paris.  You also know that the shape is wonderful, the Williams people love it, and Jaguar has no plans to build it.   You also got to see Jalopnik writer and now video host Mate Petrany drive it in the pouring rain.  If you haven’t seen the story, it isn’t too late.  Click here and enjoy.



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