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IMSA sticking to admission fees for GT3 manufacturers in 2016 (so far)

More good reporting on IMSA, GT3 cars and their rules requiring manufacturer support for customers to run from Marshall Pruett at here.  I’m sure there are some good business reasons behind the philosophy, but it seems like a self-inflicted wound to construct barriers that would deter teams and private car owners from entering IMSA events.  Something like short-term thinking to boost exposure at the expense of the show itself.  Marques like Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, Corvette, and others should find a welcome home – not an admission fee. Better idea?  Create basic infrastructure and welcome everybody and anybody to come and join the fun.  A better product which attracts more participants will be its own best advertising.  Otherwise, it just looks like IMSA is trying to create a private country club. In case you missed it from earlier in the month, here is outstanding story on with an overview of the GT3 landscape more broadly for 2016. For example, Riley Technologies had a GT3 Viper in bare carbon and plastic wrap in the Watkins Glen paddock at the 6 hour IMSA race.  For $476,050, you could have taken it home with you.  Seems like it would have a better chance of getting teams, sponsors and fans interested in IMSA if it could race than to require another $1m in spending from a manufacturer in fees and “support spending” to get it on the track.


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