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IMSA Penalizes Lamborghini GTD cars

Ummm…  About those Lamborghinis that were so fast at the Rolex 24?  IMSA announced  penalties today for the entire Lamborghini GTD field field.  Apparently, there is a good reason why they were faster – an older and larger air restrictor.

Here’s the story from Marshall Pruett and  In addition to race penalties, championship point penalties and financial fines, IMSA will likely be making Adjustment of Performance tweaks before Sebring.  Without good data to work with from Daytona, adjustments for the Lamborghinis will be more of a guess than the other cars.  Lamborghini shouldn’t expect that IMSA will be generous.

With the prior news that the O’Gara team has ceased operations, it has been an eventful last week or so for the Lamborghini world.


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