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GTLM leads GTD leads PC through Turn 10


This shot was taken during first practice on Thursday and shows one of the GTLM Corvettes leading the #44 GTD Magnus Audi R8 and the #85 JDC Miller Motorsports Prototype Challenge entry.  The lens likely compresses the distance between the cars, but the actual margins between them were likely very tight given that the shot shows the trio having already turned in for the corner but nowhere near the Turn 10b exit.

For what its worth, the fan support for the Corvette program at the track was immense.  The Corvette car corral was huge.  Many of them participated in a parade lap.  The number was so large that the lead car was coming around at the end of their lap when the last cars were just pulling on the track to begin their lap.  Full credit to the fans and to Corvette for such great involvement and support.

Camera settings – 1/500 shutter speed, f/7.1, ISO 100, 420mm.  The key to the shot clearly was looking through the group to focus on the rear of the Corvette.


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