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BMW M6 at Turn 3 – Rear View

The first full season of BMW M6 has been bit of a struggle in the GTLM class.   There are plenty of debates whether a larger car like the M6 is truly has a home within a GT sportscar class, but BWM certainly has a proud tradition of sportscar racing.  Rumors persist that the driving line-up is due for a shakeup and the car is due for a revision in 2018 with GTE regulation changes and a new LeMans initiative.

Regardless, the M6 car still cuts a distinctive silhouette.  The quick and violent transition over Turn 3 gives the photographer situated from the outside of the track a good look at the stability of each car through the turn.  Some cars leap over the curbs and other cars carefully cut around them.

This shot of the #25 BMW M6 isn’t terribly dramatic.  It doesn’t show a wheel in the air or a car out of control.  A close look at the left rear, however, shows the amount of body roll and stress imposed on the left side of the car mid-corner.   The car compresses and slides through the corner as it sets up for the run downhill through the esses.

Unfortunately, the BMW team did not have a good Petit Le Mans.  The #100 car suffered from early contact and an alternator problem.  The #25 car retired with two hours to go with steering rack problems.

Camera Settings – 1/800 shutter speed, f/5.6, ISO 100, 420mm.


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