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Amy Lerner Takes a Vintage Porsche to the Dakar Rally

During public health restrictions that shuttered workplaces, restaurants, museums and even outdoor recreation areas, many retreated behind closed doors. Some intensified their work-out regimes while many logged couch time binge-watching their favorite television series. Others found new hobbies or caught up on reading. Amy Lerner, however, decided to enter the 2021 Dakar Classic rally in a Porsche 911.

Lerner had no prior experience running the Dakar. Furthermore, the American didn’t have a car to pilot in the race. Two weeks before the entry deadline, however, she found a rally-ready Porsche in Europe and put together a Dakar Classic effort. Rally racers are a special breed but even Lerner calls it “pandemic induced lunacy.”

Follow Team Lerner in the 2022 Dakar Classic. Instagram - @Teamlerner

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